Tips on 3 simple hairstyles that can be styled in different ways and make everyday life more fun.

Avoid stressful mornings with 3 simple stylish hairstyles. It will look like you spent a lot of time getting it done but takes less than 10 minutes to do. In the beginning, it may take a little patience, but once you get the hang of how to do it, it goes very quickly and you will have a really nice hairstyle all day...

Tight ponytail

The tight ponytail has been a popular hairstyle throughout the ages and it continues to be so this year as well. The ponytail works perfectly for everyday wear but also for parties. The most popular is the tight ponytail where you lick all the hair back into a tight ponytail. It is simple and easy to make and is very stylish. This hairstyle can be done with a high ponytail and low ponytail.

Do this:

Brush through your hair thoroughly, then back comb the hair with a little hair gel making sure it is completely even or brush the hair back in a middle parting. You can also use a little moisture to make it extra tight, but avoid the moisture if you have curly and frizzy hair.
Secure the hair with a rubber band as tightly as possible. Finish with some hairspray to make sure it lasts longer!

Another hot tip for this hairstyle is to wrap a loop of hair around the tassel, it makes the hairstyle even more elegant and is very easy to achieve.

Sleek bun

Slicked back bun is one of the trendiest hairstyles this year, you see this hairstyle among the hottest it girls like Haylie Bieber, Kendell Jenner and Kylie Jenner. This hairstyle is not difficult to achieve, but gives the more luxurious feeling of a regular bun that you toss up on your head. The low knot together with the classic mid-leg that is super slicked works both for the office and for parties. It also works perfectly as an extension between hair wash days, here you can take advantage of the natural fat and shape this hairstyle before wash day. so you get the perfect, pretty bun. Match this hairstyle with a pair of larger earrings like Haylie Biber.

Do this:

Start by straightening your hair and creating a straight mid-bone with a small pin comb if you don't have a pin comb you can use a regular brush too but it's not as easy to get that pin straight leg.

Separate the bangs in the shape of a small triangle and set aside with a clip. Then take a small amount of hair gel and apply to the hair to get the smooth look. Brush your hair back, put it in a ponytail, then twist your hair tightly and wrap it into a bun. Finish by putting the fringe, frizz and baby hair in place with the help of a hair gel.

Half up, half down ponytail

This hairstyle works for all types of hair, short, long, curly or straight. This hairstyle can be done with parting, bangs in the front or pulled back in a tight ponytail. The half up, half down ponytail has been popular for many years but gained even more attention when Ariana Grande started using this hairstyle and made it her trademark.

Divide your hair into two sections, style the top section as you want it and put it up in a bun. Then it depends on how you want the hairstyle, if you want the bangs in the front or if you are going to have it in a tight tassel, then what is mentioned above is good to put in a little hair gel and finish with hairspray so that the hairstyle lasts all day.


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