Add color to your outfit with colorful hair accessories this fall! 💛

Sometimes you wish you dared to wear more color, are you someone who doesn't dare to wear color but wish you did? Or are you the one who is ready to add a pop of color to the neutral color palette of clothes? Here are some tips!

Many people want to start dressing more colorfully but don't feel completely comfortable leaving them with the classic basic colors. You can easily feel dressed up and don't want to spend a lot of money on clothes that will then just hang and collect dust in the wardrobe. Here are some tips on how you can add a pop of color to a wardrobe that otherwise mostly consists of neutral colors. To start with accessories such as the scarf or why not stylish hair accessories such as a hair clip or barrette? it's an easy way to get some color and doesn't provide such a big contrast to an otherwise neutral outfit.



Hair clips have had a real comeback since their heyday in the 90s. This summer the hair clip has been hotter than ever the hair clip is an easy way to get a nicer hairstyle and is very nice to get the hair out of the face, the hair clip is a savior when you have a bad hair day! Color is exactly what you should wear on your hair clip this year, the trend has been to have pastel colors, flowers and glitter, this trend will continue in the fall to liven up the outfit that usually goes towards darker colors.
A scarf is a very lovely accessory and can lift any outfit and to add that little extra splash of color to your outfit. It works perfectly on slightly nicer occasions like a party, but it also works perfectly for a day at the office or just everyday. You can easily style it as a hair band, a bow around the tassel, or tie it as a bow on the handbag.

 3 The barrette 

Another lovely accessory to color your outfit with the dark autumn is the barrette, it's a fun detail that takes your outfit to the next level. You can use the hair clip for all kinds of hairstyles.




...for Good and Bad Hair days

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