Our Story.

Hermine Hold is a Stockholm based brand on a mission to disrupt the world of women’s hair accessories. Our goal is simple: to help women around the world add that extra bit of pizzazz to their hairstyles, outfits and everyday lives. With our Scandinavian roots, and mix of simplicity, art and some raw edges, we’re constantly striving for transparency and sustainability in everything we do. An edgy start-up, with sometimes way to high ambitions, but enough curiosity and courage to challenge the status quo and do our own thing.

The Name.

As far as we know, Hermine Hold isn’t an actual person. We didn’t fly halfway around the globe to a remote island and – through some serendipitous encounter – meet her. If she were a person, however, she’d be that chic woman on the red-eye flight from New York. She’d be the ambitious and brave young woman chasing her dreams. She’d also be the carefree older woman chasing new dreams. In other words, Hermine Hold is the strong, independent and stylish daughter, young mother and grandmother –all in one. 

Hermine Hold is the kind of woman we all know and need. She’s someone to look up to and someone that always has your back. As for the actual name, Hermine just happens to mean ‘to travel’ in Greek and ‘powerful and strong’ in German. We’re good either way.

Travel – and a History of Swedish Wayfarers.

Swedes have always had a passion for traveling. Throughout the ages we’ve ventured far and beyond, often leaving a mark to be proud of. We’ve crossed the Atlantic to star in movies like Casablanca and Tomb Raider. We’ve left hometowns like Jönköping and Halmstad to earn platinum awards and make Sweden the largest music exporter in the world. And we’ve created some of the world’s biggest brands, helping millions of people furnish their apartments, dress fashionably, and drive their kids safely to school. 

We find our inspiration by exploring the world and in the wayfarers before us. Because regardless of whether it’s about making it in Hollywood, launching an ambitious new venture, commuting or hopping on a flight to Paris, travel is – and always has been – a key ingredient in openness to new ideas, things and people.