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Solid Silk Scrunchie | Rust
Nefertiti Collection
Solid Silk Scrunchie | Rust
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About Solid Silk Scrunchie | Rust

The most stylish piece of silk ever wrapped around your hair - or wrist, for that matter. Our Scrunchie is made of 100% silk, making it both very gentle to your hair and also a piece to count on for many years to come. Making that ponytail or messy bun dapper in a second, while saving your hair from frizz, tangles and keeping that natural shine and moisture.

For the Nefertiti collection, the Silk Scrunchie is updated with new colors for the season. A more grounded range of colors, where this Rusty Red is a real key player to any hair styles this fall.

Product Details
  1. 100% Silk
  2. ø11cm
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