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Hermine Silk Scarfette | Khaki & White
Nefertiti Collection
Hermine Silk Scarfette | Khaki & White
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About Hermine Silk Scarfette | Khaki & White

The tiny detail making the big difference. Carefully printed by hand in 100% Silk, our Silk Scarfette is the true hero to any simple look. Its slim shape enables endless styling options, whether you wrap it around your hair, neck or bag. As for anything Hermine, the limits are for you to set.

For the Nefertiti Collection, the classic Isabella print is updated with an earthy color scheme. From the classic Chocolate Brown, to a bolder Mustard Yellow and an edgy Khaki shade. This season is all about making a statement without even trying, one Scarfette at a time. Wrap and tie around your ponytail, wrist or bag handle. You know it's up to you darling.

Product Details
  1. 100 % Silk
  2. 5x88cm